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The Essential Guide for the Modern Groom

Men are becoming more involved in the wedding planning process and women are expecting more from us. We were all alone, until now. Finally, we have a resource for our every move. Don’t screw it up! Do it right the first time! Let take you through it all without a hitch. Visit us often for updates and new features!
Finding the Perfect Ring
Secrets on how to buy and pick the right engagement ring.
The Most Complete Step-by-Step Guide for Grooms
The Real Deal
Yes, you do have to do more than just show up for the ceremony. Get the real scoop from a guy’s point of view. We tell it like it is and walk you through every phase and all of the annoyances of wedding planning.
Life of the Party
You are the Best Man, Groomsmen and Ushers! Don’t drop the ball! It’s more than just the Bachelor Party, fellas. We tell you everything you need to know.
Dress to Kill
Classy, Sophisticated, and Stylish. Wedding Day Options for the Groom and Groomsmen. Look your Best!
The Groom Guide Directory
We provide the most extensive insider information for all your wedding needs!
Coming to a Major City near You!
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